Steps to adding Xbeans to the JBuilder Designer Palette

  1. Start JBuilder.
  2. Add a tab in the palette by Tools->Configure Palette from Jbuilder menu.
  3. Click Add button to add tab to the palette (A dialog box will popup to ask name of tab).

  4. Click Select Library button tree-like library dialog box will display all available libraries. Since we have not added Xbeans library into Jbuilder yet, Xbeans is not in the list (unless you add it separately already).
  5. Add new library by clicking Add button then navigate to and select xbeans.jar to the list.

  6. Add a new page-XBeans on the palette by clicking Add button.
  7. Add each XBeans component one by one by Tools->Configure Palette and click
  8. Add from Selected library. You can use ctrl key to do multiple selection.

  9. Click OK on Results dialog.Your palette should look something like this.

  10. Now repeat the same steps to install the Xbeans Communication Pack. When complete, your pallete should look s