The final Version 2 Xbeans is now available for download below.

It contains the following Xbeans:

The beta Version of the Xbeans Communication Pack is now available for download below.

It contains sender-receiver Xbeans for the following protocols:

Please read the white paper for a discussion of Xbeans and how they fit together to make distributed applications.

There is also a short tutorial on using the release.

We are looking for contributions to greatly expand the set of available Xbeans.


Brief Description 

 Version 2 The release includes a jar file of ready to use Xbeans, the source code for those beans, documentation and some simple test programs.

 Xbeans Communication Pack

This contains a jar file of sender-receiver Xbeans for six different protocols: HTTP, Servlets, CORBA, RMI, EJB and SOAP. 

Xbeans depend on an implementation of the DOM and XSLT. For your convenience, we are also redistributing the Apache Jar files for Xerces and Xalan. Please read the Apache license.

This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (

Xbeans depends on implementations of the DOM, an XML parser and XSLT. Implementations other than the redistributed Apache implementations are possible since Xbeans are programmed to use standard JAX* APIs. If you try other implementations, please let us know via the xbeans-interest mailing list.

In addition, the SOAP sender depends on the Apache SOAP implementation. The soap.jar file is included with the Xbeans Communication Pack. However, the soap.jar file depends on mail.jar and activation.jar. So if you are using the SOAP sender you also need to obtain the mail.jar and activation.jar from Sun. You can obtain those two files here and here.