Several people and organizations have contributed to the second release of Xbeans.

Bruce Martin Bruce is leading the effort to build a repository of Xbeans. He has written Xbean code and made presentations and written articles about Xbeans.
Dion Almaer Dion got us to act like a real software project, setting us up with Source Forge, CVS and mailing lists! Dion contributed the EJB sender and receiver. 
 Mark Shocklee Mark contributed the SOAP/Web Services sender and receiver.  
John O'Donahue John has contributed Xbean source code and has written an article about Xbeans.  
Ronald Bourret Ronald doesn't know it but he contributed his open source DTD parser used in the translator Xbean. 

 Richard Kuo

Richard contributed the instructions on Xbeans and JBuilder. 
The Middleware Company Supports Xbeans. 
jGuru The excellent Java developers web portal hosts the Xbeans FAQ and has supported the project in the past.
Source Forge Provides the CVS source repository, download facility and mailing lists for Xbeans.